That Time I worked on a Comic For An Honest-to-God Movie Star

Well, true to form, it’s been AGES since my last blog update. We can thank all my awesome clients for that. Seriously, folks have been keeping me busy lately, with 2017 marking a landmark year in comics for Yours Truly. It all went by in a flurry of pages and script edits. And some nights, when I close my eyes, I can still see the Illustrator toolbars where they’ve been burned into my retinas.

In the midst of all this industrious lettering, I landed some really juicy gigs. And there’s one I thought would be a super-cool thing to share over here. Thanks to Source Point Press and writer Garrett Gunn (incidentally, one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the entirety of my freelance career) I actually managed to end up working on something for Billy Bob Thornton. That’s right – Bad Santa himself!

The project in question is a graphic novel starring Billy Bob’s band, The Boxmasters, in a tale of time travel, disillusionment and music. Featuring art by Stan Yak, the book is mostly rendered in monochrome. Just as an aside here, black and white comics can be very tricky to work on. When you don’t have the option of using colour, it can make it tough to work things so that they pop off the art. It’s a good test of your eye for making clear placements. And there’s also a fair variety of different things I had to convey with the lettering on this one as well.

Here’s a handful of pages that I remember being the most fun to work on.

The Boxmasters can be purchased directly from Source Point Press via their online store.

(Please note – I can’t answer any questions as to whether Billy Bob is nice in person, because I never spoke to him during production. Shame, because I would have liked to ask him if Cate Blanchett is nice in person. Have you ever seen Bandits? You should totally see Bandits. They’re both great in that film!)