Salvagers – The Wreck Raiders

Well, it’s time for another sneak peek at a new book I’m working on!

Long time readers (yes, both of you!) will probably remember a post from a while back when I demonstrated what I’d done with Bob Salley and George Acevedo’s indie book SALVAGERS. Well, I’m pleased to report that not only did the series receive a recent trade paperback collection, but the second arc is already underway!

The creative team has changed up a little, with artist Chris Gevenois and colourist Fahriza Kamaputra giving this second chapter in the Salvagers saga a fresh look and feel. Here’s a five page preview of the book to give you a taster of what’s in the pipeline:
Salvagers issue #5  page 7Salvagers issue #1 page 21Salvagers issue #5  page 7Salvagers issue #1 page 21Salvagers issue #1 page 21

It’s genuinely exciting to be working on a book that’s not only winning acclaim and generating its own loyal fan base, but very clearly evolving on its own terms. But is the lettering evolving? Well… yes, actually! Albeit in a very minor, but significant way. When a comic enters a new phase of its ongoing story, it’s a logical place to start tweaking any small details that were bugging me before, or iron out any kinks. In the case of Salvagers, I was pretty much completely happy with everything I’d done. But there was one minor
alteration I made to the book’s lettering design which I think improves it considerably. I’ve reduced the width of the stroke on the dialogue balloons. It’s a seemingly tiny change, but just by matching the thickness of the balloon stroke to the heft of the dialogue font, I think this makes things look much better. It’s something trying to do with all my work as I move forward. I had a lot of fun with that title treatment as well!

Keep your eyes peeled for this one. It should be available soon in print and digitally via Comixology.