Astronauts and mounties!

Alright everybody?

It seems like an age since I last updated the blog. What can I say – I’ve been in demand!

The last few months of 2014 proved to be exceptionally busy for me lettering-wise, what with a combination of ongoing projects, some new books, and even preparing a few things for print in non-english speaking territories.

For this entry, I thought I’d showcase some of the work that’s been keeping me so busy of late. One of the books in question is Kenneth Brown’s Judas Breed: The Awakening, a sci- fi story about an intrepid team of space explorers who, while on their travels, stumble across something VERY nasty indeed.
Issue 1 page 1
Page 10 Page 10 Issue 1 page 4 - 5-01

There’s a very heavy flavour of the Alien movies and Prometheus about this book. So if you’re a fan, you’re more than likely to enjoy what you see.

I’ve remarked on this blog  before how much I love lettering science fiction comics. I get to think in terms of what I can do to add to the futuristic aesthetic. It’s often tempting to really go overboard with crazy effects, but in this instance, I found myself actually scaling things
back. For a story with this kind of tight focus, I didn’t want to over-egg things. Thanks to the series artist, Ryan Best, the story already has a pretty distinct visual style. So it only really needs a little extra salt and pepper.

You can find out more about the book via Facebook:

Next up, here’s a look at Steele #1, which carries the sub-title ‘Dead Horse Trail’. This is the second of Scott R. Schmidt’s tales of Canadian mountie Sam Steele.The book continues his interesting approach, first established in Steele #0, of pitting him against a combination of challenges posed by the unforgiving setting and antagonists with a supernatural aspect.

Steele #1 pg1-01
Steele #1 pg2 Steele #1 pg3-01

It’s worth mentioning here that Steele #1 was a pretty easy book to whizz through. I’d worked on the zero issue for Scott, and we spent a long time honing the design of it there.
This time around, there were still a few pages where I had to come up with something new, but it was pretty smooth sailing. I’m very proud of the results.

Once again, you can find out more via Facebok:

And that’s all for this update. Look out for another coming up soon, to showcase some more recent work, including Escape from Dino Isle #1 and Salvagers #3.


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