Heroic! Salvagers! Oh, my!

Another month, another blog update!

This month, I figured a quickie peek at a couple of indie books I’ve been working on might be in order. Both have been creating a bit of a stir in the online community, and, knowing firsthand how much care and effort goes into both, it sort of behooves me to wave the banner for them.

First up is Issue #2 of ‘Salvagers’, published by Hound Comics. The first issue was the subject of my recent ‘before and after’ article. Issue #2 is the first one I was slated to work on properly – and I’m glad I’d had a chance to tinker beforehand!

Here are the first few pages. As usual, click and click again to see the pages at their best.

Salvagers issue #1 page 21
Salvagers issue #1 page 21
Salvagers issue #1 page 21
Salvagers issue #1 page 21

The story focuses on Brigby this time around, a move which already seems to have made fans of the series rather happy. Quite a few folks have taken the time to message me privately and tell me how excited they are about the book, which is genuinely heartening. Gawd bless ya!

Issue #2, written by Bob Salley, with art by George Acevedo and colours by DeSiKa, is available here:

Now onto ‘Heroic’ #1, by Zenith comics.

Page 1
Page 2 - 3
Page 4

‘Heroic’, the brainchild of writer Andrew Collas, is something of a first for me. Would you believe, in almost five years of freelance lettering, it’s the first full colour superhero book I’ve worked on? What was I doing wrong?!

The first chapter of the book was released a few months back to some wild acclaim. I’ll not say too much, but 8 pages in you’ll find a pretty awesome twist that turns things on their head. Now you can purchase and savour the full length issue.

‘Heroic’ #1, by Andrew Collas, featuring the art of Alex Williamson, Luca, Cicchitti and Oliver Castaneda, with colours by Gary Scott Beatty, is available digitally here – with ‘pay what you want’ pricing!


I had a ton of fun lettering both books – the sci-fi setting of Salvagers and the lively art of Heroic make great canvasses to do my own little bit of the work on.

Please do check ’em out!