PREVIOUSLY, on Letterpunk…

I decided it might be a good idea to collect all the samples of my work from within the blog in a single post. I quite often refer clients here to review pages, so this might save them trawling through all my updates.

Hopefully, these samples show some versatility on my part, I’m always looking for new things to try.

Remember to click and zoom in on the samples to see them at their best.

Salvagers issue #1 page 21Salvagers issue #5 page 7Salvagers issue #1 page 21HitGirl pg3-01

A Star Falls Page 1-01
A Star Falls Page 2-01
A Star Falls Page 3-01
Salvagers issue #1 page 4-01 Salvagers issue #1 page 5-01 Salvagers issue #1 page 6-01 Salvagers issue #1 page 7-01
Shahrazad_03_01 CMYK Shahrazad_03_01 CMYK Shahrazad_03_01 CMYK Shahrazad_03_01 CMYK
Serusis #5 page 4-01 Serusis #5 page 5-01 Serusis #5 page 6-01 Serusis #5 page 7-01
TBS Page 1 TBS Page 2 TBS Page 3
Change for web (2) Oz #11 page 7 Oz #11 page 7 UM 1 pg 3 UM 1 pg 3
MLP pg1 for blog MLP pg2 for blog wickedwest-1-page-16 wickedwest-1-page-17 wickedwest-1-page-18 wickedwest-1-page-19 HOMECOMING DOWN AND OUT IN DOWNTOWN KAON
A Modem Of Value TFM Forgive And Forget
Pietas-redux-page-1 Pietas-redux-page-2 Pietas-redux-page-3 Pietas-redux-page-4 Pietas-redux-page-5



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