The Letterer Also Writes!

Lawks! Here’s a surprise!

Besides my adventures in comic book lettering, who knew, I also occasionally write them. And you can occasionally buy them, too!

I’m proud to announce that next month will see the publication of ‘The Biggest Stick’, an 11 page story that will be featured in the UK small press anthology ‘Paragon’, ably edited and compiled by Mr. Davey Candlish.

Dave tied my script to a brick and threw it through the window of talented cartoonist Jim Cameron, and the result is a little burst of sci-fi buffoonery with a soupcon of arms trading thrown in. And here, for your edification, is a 3 page preview! For best results, click on the pages and click again to zoom in.


This will be the second strip I’ve had published in Paragon, and should appear in issue #15, on sale sometime in December.

If you want to find out more about Paragon, you can find them on Facebook here: