The ponies!!! The ponies!!!

Updating with a new blog post, this time showcasing some new lettering samples.

Okay. Yeah. I lettered ‘My Little Pony,. Let’s just deal with that.

As usual, click the pages to view them at their best.



This is unofficial work, put together by my buddy Bill Forster. You may know him from his work on the Transformers Ark and Allspark Almanac books, as well as the G.I. Joe Field Manuals, all of which are published by IDW. Bill works on those with his partner in crime, all-round nice-guy and Fez proponent Jim Sorenson – but here, he’s flying solo.

As you can tell, he has a diseased mind.

This was a LOT of fun to work with! When I receive pages like this, I start to look for ways I can have fun with the script and add little flourishes and dashes of colour, just to add a little something extra. It’s surprising just how many of the tricks in my repertoire are visible on these two pages!

Bill was very appreciative of the work, which goes a long way. Nothing feels better than submitting pages and getting an almost instantaneous, enthusiastic response to them. It makes it all worthwhile.