Lettering samples – The Legend Of Oz: The Wicked West

Another round of samples – this time a tasty bar-brawl from ‘The Legend Of Oz: The Wicked West’ #1, by Big Dog Ink. As usual, I’d recommend you click on the pages to open them and see them at their best.

This was quite a landmark – my first paid gig on a mini-series. In fact, the first page in this sequence was my try-out page!

I learned a great deal on this project, and it forced me out of my comfort zone. My brief was basically to inject a lot of visual bang into the lettering. There’s one instance here where lettering effects were drawn in by the artist – the ‘creak’ above cowgirl Dorothy Gale’s head on the fourth page – but the rest is all me.

You may notice that the blacks in the lettering look a little washed out on-screen. This is because the preview pages here are sourced from the CMYK print files. So they print as a nice, shiny, deep black on paper. It was just too much hassle to go in and fix that for web display.

Thanks to writer Tom Hutchison, artist Alisson Borges and colourist Kate Finnegan for giving me such a genuinely fun project to work on!







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