Transformers Mosaic

Well, without further ado, I suppose I had better show off some of my wares.

Below are a selection of one-pagers I worked on in various different capacities for the Transformers Mosaic fan project.

It was recently announced that the project was being brought to a close, which is a real shame, as it was working on these short strips that gave me a real opportunity to experiment with lettering and learn my craft. If not for my involvement with these comics, I may never have made the jump to doing freelance work. Ah well, nothing lasts forever, I guess.

So – without further ado, a selection of strips that I lettered. Each page is credited appropriately, so you’ll see where I’ve chipped in on art and writing duties, and who did what on the others. There are some talented peeps to be found among these pages – the likes of Josh Van Reyk, Mike Priest, John Paul Bove and the GLORIOUS Seb are all in there,

Note that I’ve made an effort here to feature strips that I feel showcase my best lettering skills so far.

While I don’t think these pages necessarily show off the very best work I can do (I look back at them and see some dodgy placements and other errors) they certainly point the way towards the kind of work I know I can do now, with the extra benefit of experience and study behind me. If you’re not getting better at what you do as you move ahead, what’s the point, eh?

It should be noted that these strips are all unofficial works, produced for fun, with no profits being made at any point during the process.